Lego Ninjargo Epic Dragon Battle Set

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle Set

Welcome to where we will give you a feature list, a review and also advice on the best place to buy the Epic Dragon Battle set this Xmas.

NOTE: If you are in a rush we recommend that you order early as the Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon set 9450 has been touted as one of the top Christmas toys for 2012 and that means that it is highly likely to go out of stock!

When this happens people are normally force to pay double the asking price on sites like Ebay and then of course you do not know what condition you are going to get the item in or worse still wether or not it will arrive on time.

We have taken time to search the Internet for the lowset price on the Lego Ninjago set this Xmas and recommend you order from for the fastest service, lowest price and guaranteed delivery:


Product Features:

  • Weapons include Hypnobrai fang blade with blue anti-venom capsule, all 4 golden Spinjitzu weapons and 7 regular weapons
  • Includes The Great Devourer and snake prison
  • The Great Devourer features flexible body and opening mouth with space for minifigure
  • Snake prison features opening gate and space for minifigure with snake venom trap
  • Ultra Dragon measures over 20″ (50cm) long, 14″ (35cm) wide and 9″ (22cm) tall


Here are some of the best bits of this epic toy:

Lego Set With Interactive Parts And Toys

The Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle set is epic indeed and contains over 900 parts. In fact it is the largest Ninjago set ever created! The main piece in the set is Ultra Dragon which is a massive four headed dragon that can launch green projectiles from each of it’s four heads!

The set would not be complete without the Great Devourer serpent and this snake is HUGE! Complete with snapping jaws and a moveable body there will be an epic battle indeed between the Great Deveourer and Epic Dragon. You can also hold people prisoner in the Serpentine prison which also features a Venom trap.

Everything You Need For Hours Of Fun…

This Lego set is the biggest ever and what makes it different from other Lego sets is that it ties in with the Ninjago TV series. The actual set pits the Ninjago ninjas against the Giant Deveourer snake!

Who will win the battle of good vs evil?

There are also eight included minifigures that inclue the masterful Sensei Wu – and this figure is the one that the Great Devourer would love to hold in the Venom prison. You also have cheerful Jay which could be the only hope for Sensei Wu.

Building Fun

This set is a joy to build – although we recommend that the Ninjago Epic Dragon battle set is put together by the parents as well as the kids as it is a HUGE set. Not so complicated as time consuming but once you get it all up and running we are sure you will agree it is an awesome toy!

What’s in the Box

Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle pieces (915 total), two instruction booklets, and decals.

At a Glance:

  • Enormous LEGO set with a mythical, ninja-themed setting
  • Massive four-headed dragon measures 20 inches and features many interactive parts
  • Great Devourer serpent has movable jaws and a bending, movable body
  • Eight included minifigures are modeled after characters from the Ninjago TV show
  • Includes all four collectable golden weapons
  • Simple instructions detail every step of assembly

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • Eight to fourteen years

LEGO Pieces:

  • 915 pieces


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